Top ERP Trends in Education to look for in 2019

All bets are off whether technology will survive in the illiberal education industry. Just to know, technology had made a debut in this space a very long ago but is started to be embraced by the industry only until a few years back.

As predicted, automation is the future for most of the industrial sectors. Looking at the rapid developments happening in the education ecosystem already, it’s certain that it won’t be left out from the league.

Today, technology is transforming education in a variety of ways; one being automation of operational processes at the various institution levels. Many school & colleges are implementing ERP software to automate their institutes for better efficiency & growth.

As ERP’s are here to stay, they will manifest to evolve over years. While we witness these timely changes, let us have a look at the top trends that are likely to dominate the industry in 2019:

  • Cloud is the way to safeguard data – As data being the primary concern for institutes, it is important for softwares to have high level of data security. Many businesses are inclining towards cloud for data. It has become the dependable platform for these businesses due to its easy migration ability & minimal infrastructure requirement. Other advantage of using cloud for data is its easy access. Also its immunity to any integration barrier.
  • Tailor made solutions – Making ERP softwares for the education system is no more a challenge as there are quite a few vendors already in the market making similar softwares. So now the future focus is going to be on their efficiency & potential to solve individual problems of institutes. The flexibility of these softwares will be put to test to filter the competitive solutions.   
  • Artificial Intelligence to lead – Earlier a lot of human resource was required for institute’s functional purpose.  This not only made the processes slow but was also costly affair. But with automation, human resource has been reduced to a great extent. This will even go down further due to developments in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will not only make the institutes smart, efficient but also decrease the use of human resource to minimum.
  • Just right software solution will not be enough – In near future, technology will make it possible to have individual & customized solutions for institutes of variable natures. Hence meeting with the institutional requirements will no longer be a challenge & most of the softwares will be in a position to provide micro solutions.

So what will help the institutes differentiate between the ordinary & best solutions? Hands down it will be the vendors who go an extra mile to support the institute in the process towards being the automated & smart institute. Most of the softwares will be in a position to solve complex problems for the institutes; so the ones who provide dedicated support & take responsibility of any obstacles through the process , will go a longer run .

It is certain that ERP’s will continue to dominate the education industry. Having said that, trends like artificial intelligence & cloud data will reshape the future of automation in education.

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