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What are the challenges institutes face while implementing the online fee management system?

Fee management system is a solution to make tedious fee collection & management process easy and secure.  Though they are user friendly to use, they can sometimes be challenging to implement as per the client’s requirement. Customization at individual institutional level could be the reason for the difficulties faced while operating the system. Some fee

Traditional fee payment vs cashless payment

Traditional Fee payment (DD / Cheque) Vs Cashless Payment Traditional fee payment methods such as DD, Cheque etc. have so many advantages similar to cashless payments such as online transfers using UPI or other electronic methods. These transactions have some disadvantages too similar to cashless payment modes. After going through a detailed summary of the

Digital India impact on Education sector

The power of technology can never be denied. With the population of 1.31 billion people in a country, the ratio to technology driven citizens has highly increased in last decade. With approx. 140 million mobile phone users and being a country for the second most social site users, India has an immense opportunity to grow

Introduce the benefits of technology in education

“Digital education is breaking the numerous barriers that are preventing students in rural India from receiving quality educaton in the physically bound classrooms. By not having to be at a certain class at a certain time, it will assist working students to not limit their work schedule, helping them to not lose on wages that