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Top 5 MBA colleges in Mumbai

Top 5 MBA colleges in Mumbai There are so many questions that the ever-popular 3-letter acronym i.e. M.B.A. generates every year, from new higher education aspirants. Like “What’s an MBA?’’, “How many years to complete an MBA? What is the average course duration? ’’, “What subjects does the course list cover?’’, “How much do I

Cashless Education-Digital Transformation of Institutes

Cashless Education Cashless education is related to the education system which is completely cashless for all transactions from fee collection to school’s canteen. For educational institutes, it has become a burden to collect or distribute the cash and also it needs proper security which makes it a difficulty. For reducing this load, educational institutes are adopting

Digitization of Schools & Colleges- A Problem or Solution?

Educational Institutes are adopting digitization almost for each task from teaching till management of the institute. Use of the computer has not only reduced the manual effort, but also minimised the paperwork. Digitization of educational institutes is helping both the teachers as well students. Apart from studies, digitization has helped educational institutes in management also