Spreadsheet Vs Institute Management System: Unfolding the data Debate!

Spreadsheet Vs Institute Management System - Unfolding the data Debate

We all have used spreadsheets at some point in our lives to maintain data. As a tracker for daily activities, as a record manager, accounting tool, project presentation, or as easy as a calculator; we have been using spreadsheets every day as our go to tool.

Having said that, these spreadsheets were able to replace the manual registers for teachers & accounting books for administration in educational institutes.

Today we have gone beyond spreadsheets with database management systems, the more advanced form of spreadsheets. These systems are designed & developed with complex algorithms to solve high end queries.  

Why do we need DBMS in institutes?

Data has become very significant. Spread of cloud infrastructure & modern tools like data analytics that use data for better decision making; data has become necessary. But with growing need of data, securing it has become equally crucial.

In institutes, everything is data centric. From personal information of students to their academic records to employee information; data is critical. Due to technology, accessing unsecured data has become very easy. So institutes cannot afford to loose it under any circumstances.

How are Institute Management Systems useful?

Institute management systems are designed & developed not just to solve problems but also to highly secure the data. The primary purpose of Institute management system is to streamline all the processes through a single software with a good dbms. While you perform activities through the system on the front end, you are assured about data security by the dbms in the back end.

No doubt, spreadsheets have a very easy accessibility.  We can download it from anywhere & start using it in moments with no implementation required. It costs you very less as compared to an institute management system , due to which it’s widely used. On the other hand, institute management systems have a handful of features which can help us convince to prefer it over a spreadsheet. 

Let us look at some of the features provided by institute management system in respect to maintaining & managing data:

  • Flexibility – As said earlier, Institute management systems have database designed with complex  algorithms to solve those difficult queries that cannot be solved by using spreadsheets.

Simple user interface gives us the flexibility to search & find any kind of data in institute management systems. It allows us to perform any kind of data processing activities .

  • Security – Institute Management systems are built on the principle of developing organizational solutions along with data security. Using modern technologies like cloud data, they integrate the administrative processes. This assures institutes about their data being maintained & managed smartly as well as thoroughly protected.
  • Access – Followed by security is accessibility. Data in institutes is extremely crucial. It shouldn’t be allowed to be accessed by anyone & everyone in order to avoid any kind of misuse. Institutes need to put conditions on who & what data they can access. Providing limited access as per functionality cannot be done in a spreadsheet.

Here institute management system plays a major role. It can easily limit the access of data to different users, avoiding data leakage.

  • Data Backup – Spreadsheets do not provide a provision for data backup which can be a major concern. With institute management system, users can easily take backups whenever required. So one doesnt have to worry about the data being lost.
  • Customization & Reports – One most important feature of institute management systems is that they allow to customize the data. The system can easily make any changes as required by the institute anytime in the future.

One drawback about spreadsheet is it doesn’t allow you to download customized reports. These systems allow users to generate any kind of customized reports for institutes within a few seconds.

As we sum up, we understand; both have significant importance depending upon the amount of data involved & the purpose.  The good old & trusted spreadsheets can be used as an economical tool when data protection & management is not a major concern. 

But considering the above mentioned benefits, institute management systems can take over charge when protection of data is supremely important.

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