Digital India impact on Education sector

The power of technology can never be denied. With the population of 1.31 billion people in a country, the ratio to technology driven citizens has highly increased in last decade. With approx. 140 million mobile phone users and being a country for the second most social site users, India has an immense opportunity to grow

Digitally Advancing Education Sector

The power of technology cannot be denied or neglected. There has been a very tremendous increase in people who use technological devices. Technology has always been a force in itself, so it was in our best favor to use this force as our benefit. The best way to benefit ourselves from technology was found by

Introduce the benefits of technology in education

“Digital education is breaking the numerous barriers that are preventing students in rural India from receiving quality educaton in the physically bound classrooms. By not having to be at a certain class at a certain time, it will assist working students to not limit their work schedule, helping them to not lose on wages that

Dream of having a modern high tech education!

India’s education system has long waited for a major revamp. Not that we aren’t seeing positive changes but that dream of having modern high tech education accessible to all seems far from reality. While the previous government tried to bridge the digital divide, the new Narendra Modi-led government has launched a new Digital India Campaign. “Pay school

How Digital India impact on education sector?

Digital India Impact on Education Sector Education is an important aspect in an individual personal growth, skill development as well as democratic responsible behavior. According to the studies, a Delhi based NGO Pratham, which surveyed school children across 500 districts and found that fifth of 10-year-olds could not read sentences, 50% of 7-year-olds surveyed, could

Digital India Initiatve and its impact on Education

The influence of advanced technology can never be ignored or avoided. India has a population of 1.3 billion and the percentage of people using technology has increased manifolds in the past decade. A total of about 140 million people in India use mobile phones and the country accounts to be the second most popular country

Digital India impact on Education Sector

Education sector in India has long awaited an overhaul to meet the growing demand for a contemporary education system that is accessible to all. Children and youth in India have in the last decade become increasingly technology-driven, revealing considerable potential and readiness to imbibe and learn using digital media. 1. Creation of a knowledge based


  The Digital India programme is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.It has been felt that a lot more thrust is required to ensure e-Governance in the country to promote inclusive growth that covers electronic services, products, devices and

Digital Payments in Indian Education Sector

Digital payments in Indian education sector What it means? A much talked about phenomenon, Digitization, has taken the country in splits. The Digital India programme has been at the forefront of the current government’s policy since its accession to power. The programme aims at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. As

Digital India and the Mobile Payment Revolution

These are exciting times for India. A new government with a lot of promise has taken up the gauntlet, with national-level plans for the grassroots, the bourgeoisie and the well-heeled. A nation with a growing acceptance of experimental innovations is well on its way to becoming a force to reckon with. PM Narendra Modi, by