Youth Empowerment Using Digitization in Education Sector

Digitization is not at all a new technology. But previously it was not as popular as today. Previously digital was something related to mobiles and numbers only. But now a days it is not so. It has completely different meaning today. At present digitization has covered almost all sectors because it has many advantages. All

Everything is smooth and Co-Operative when it is Digitized

As we all know technology is for making the common man tasks to be completed at a faster rate and that too without losing its efficiency. After certain research in the area of technology, many upgrades have been implemented for the further advancement in the previous technologies. Digitization comes under one of such upgrades only.

Going digitally will reduce cash transaction

Cash based financial transactions were always a problem for all. The main problem was the fear involved in such transactions. The Fear is basically generated by two reasons. One is that the money could be robbed and another one is that it could also be misplaced by mistake. Because of these reasons cash based financial

Welcome Digital India with Honor

 Digital India has completely changed the era of old techniques replacing with the digital solution for almost all the tasks like payment, admission or application. Now, everything can be done digitally which not only save time but also provide best and efficient outcomes. Few most famous example of such tasks is related to education e.g.

Effect of Digitization in Educational Sector

Digitization has become very common for Indians after demonetization has been announced by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modiji on 8th of November 2016. People have started adopting digital modes of payments for small transactions also in regular basis to overcome the problem of limited cash. Previously people had options to pay using digital

Should learning be restricted by any mean?

When we talk about learning or teaching (Education) the main restriction seems is the financial problems. First for the academic courses we faced a lot of problems with respect to finance. But soon a solution for this problem came into play as Education Loans. Apart from the benefits involved in it, there are restrictions too

Digitization is important for Honesty and Transparency

Digitization has become trending in educational industry now a days. It has become more famous in the financial transactions of the educational institutes after demonetization was announced by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modiji in November 2016. Demonetization has left no choice. As the cash was less at that time people were finding an

How to upgrade my school digitally?

For sustaining in any of the sectors whether it is education sector or not, up gradation as per present scenarios is very most important. As we are talking here particularly about Educational institutes so for them also it is must and they have to continuously innovate new ideas for implementing the changes which are in

Even the Common Man has awakened, why not Us?

We are talking about digitization in this article. Presently it has become familiar in almost every sector whether it is educational or any other. People are tending to opt for the digital mode of payment for all their financial transaction because it is quicker, easier and safer. Digital payments have not only become famous among

All about digital payments in India

It is the era of technology. People are adopting technologies for almost all their tasks in their daily schedule. For example, we use the digital alarm clock in the morning, then for other necessities like food and snacks, digital heaters like oven or induction are available. These are the technical products which work digitally and