Introduce the benefits of technology in education

“Digital education is breaking the numerous barriers that are preventing students in rural India from receiving quality educaton in the physically bound classrooms. By not having to be at a certain class at a certain time, it will assist working students to not limit their work schedule, helping them to not lose on wages that they can potentially earn.”-



The power of technology can never be denied. With the population of 1.324 billion people in a country, the ratio to technology driven citizens has highly increased in thelast decade. With approx 140 million mobile phone users and being a country for the second most social site users, India has an immense opportunity to grow in this field and to grasp the positive vibes of technology in the field of education, medicine, defense, business and much more.

With huge possibility in digital technology, our prime minister introduced initiatives like Digital India to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Digital India is a concept to revitalize the education system in India. It is a program that endeavors to bridge the literacy slippage by delivering education through digital platform to children and teachers. It provides an opportunity to access learning sources through a global platform, providing reach ability to teachers and breaking the barriers to gain quality education through physical classes. Some of the schemes introduced under the Digital India concept by government are Digishala, Digital e-book, e-basta and many more with an envision of better and educated country.

For a Digital India to succeed in impacting education, it needs a vision and mission to integrate technology as an important part of our large and complex school system. It must have a targeted approach to improve education through digitalization and by providing better teachers and with a comprehensive vision to provide benefit to a large extent of children. There are many technology initiatives like e-learning apps, e-books, online practice exams, e-notes and many more. All these can be a personalized method of learning but to improve education on a country basis their need to be some initiative from ground level that is to involve both rural and urban school in digitalization.

Students should be taught how to make use of smart phones and laptops for learning more and more about their subjects and any field of their interests. The technologies to clarify queries, providing notes, books should be introduced to students in rural and urban areas. The basic need of computers should be kept in mind. The schools in rural areas must be introduced with smart classes and public schools should be digitised. In the end digital India is an amazing opportunity for us. We should not look in the past and focus on being developed in the field of education. Beacuse education is the key to development of every country.

The advantages are quite obvious. With one stroke, we will be able to deal with the critical teacher shortage problem and also the teacher quality problem. We will also be able to make education contextualized, localized, relevant and consistent across the country. 

Some of the techniques that can be incorporated in schools-

Introduce benefits of technology in education– The very basic thing is to teach children how to incorporate technology with their education, to gain benefit and to use it as a tool to compete with the ever-growing world. This is mainly required in rural areas where children are very far away from this piece of knowledge.

E learning apps– After this some innovative tools can be introduced for providing notes, books, resolving querries of student, practicing question etc. There are 100’s of app and software’s available for students to learn.

Smart schools– Government should try to incorporate technology from the ground level that is school, more smart school should be open, public schools must be digitalized, classes must be provided to teach student and teachers about the benefits of digital world and everybody must have basic computer proficiency.

Smart tools-Schools should be digitalized and must use smart tool to provide education to students like smart board , visual/audio education, school management software for management of school data.

At the end Digital India is a huge opportunity for us to grow in the field of education. We should not replicate the past mistakes by engulfing in physical advancement of school instead try to improve in the digital world with better facilities for our children.



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