Do institutions need a fee management system?

What is a fee management system?

Fees management is a critical part of the administrative process. Admission time being the most hectic time of the year for institutions, managing fees for thousands of students has always been a tedious task for the staff. Technology advancements in the education sector throughout the country are offering software capable of easing the manual administrative process. Fee Management system is one such remarkable development aimed at preventing mess that can happen during fee collection. The current fee management systems are effective for fee collection, additionally the automation also helps educational institutions save money and time and counter chaos effectively.

Fee Management systems helps institute with accurate fee collection and management, real time tracking of fee payments, report and receipt generation any time at the click of a button. Since the system manages the fee payments, the manual input from the staff reduces considerably resulting in saving time and providing scope of utilizing staff in an effective manner.

Let’s analyze a few questions to understand if an institute needs to have a fee management system:

  • Is it exhausting for the administrative staff to collect fees & manage it?

Cashier counters are the busiest during admission time and so is the staff behind the counters. Collecting huge amount of fees for thousands of students is a tiring job. If an institute has a fee management system, this becomes a very easy & quick process. The system allows students & parents pay fees online from any digital modes from the comfort of their homes. It gives access of the portal to the institute where they can keep a record of all the fee payments done on real time basis.

  • Are the students happy to stand in long queues during admissions?

If your institute doesn’t have a fee management system with online payment option, students & parents will have to stand in long queues for hours. This bothers them as well as the staff.

  • Does it increases the costing and becomes time consuming to print & collect admission forms?

Thousands of admission forms are distributed every year in each college. Printing so many forms adds to the costing of the process. This needs a lot of time & resource investment. With online admission form facility, fee management systems cuts down on all these factors. The students can fill an online form from anywhere without having to visit the college.

  • Does updating database & fee details become a tedious task?

Adding, deleting or updating individual details manually is not a friendly task . Also adding fee details for each student can occupy considerable chunk of time. All these activities can be done very easily, quickly & flexibly using a fee management system.

  • How long does it take for reconciliation?

Reconciliation is one of the most important activity of accounting process. Mapping each transaction to correct students for right bank account demands rigorous tallying and multiple rounds of checking. Any errors in this activity can disturb the fee accounts.  Fee management systems help the administrations with easy & smooth reconciliations.

  • Can you generate reports instantly?

Managing files and generating reports when required can sometimes feel like a lot of work. For the administrative staff which has more important things to do, this can be an extra work. A fee management system helps institutes generate all kinds of report a click of a button within seconds which can save them ample time.



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