Everything you need to know about Biometric Attendance System.

The world has been witnessing millions of innovations since 100’s of years. One such innovation that has changed the identification system today, is the biometrics. Who had thought parts of the human body could be used to access information someday ??Due to the distinctive and measurable characteristics, today biometric authentication has been greatly used all over the world for identification and security reasons. From getting a driver’s license to getting a passport, it is used everywhere.

Many biometric devices are discovered using various characteristics of human body. DNA Analysis, IRIS recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, retina recognition, walking ability, signatures, odour analysis, voice analysis etc. have been used to access information. Biometric systems have been used at workplaces, immigration, for mobile phones and many such places to access information and identification.


One such device has been the biometric attendance system. Due to the accuracy it provides, biometric attendance systems have been preferred everywhere. Today it is widely used all over the country. Initially it was majorly used only at workplaces to track In & Out time of the employees. After the use of the system for employees, it has slowly started to take shape in the educational system.  Gone are the days where professors need to use a sheet of paper to mark attendance and present the time-consuming defaulters lists at the end of every semester.

Replacing the inaccurate and inefficient manual marking, the automated biometric attendance systems not only ensure an error free attendance but also provides various other features making it easy for the users.

Over the period of time there has been a lot of improvement in the automated biometric attendance systems. Today there are many options for smart biometric attendance solutions which are not just limited to monitor in & out time records. Some smart solutions provide with features like generating reports for attendance, absenteeism, timetable tracking, sending notifications etc. Such solutions are beneficial to institutes where they can keep a track of student attendance record without any error and time wastage. These systems are not just efficient but also easy to access. Even the college administration can access them easily with little or no knowledge in information technology. Some smart solutions for students to track their own attendance and shortfalls are also available.

There are various challenges faced at the college level with attendance problems. Biometric attendance solutions are definitely here to resolve such problems and ensure smooth functioning. With many options available in the market, the college authorities need to make a smart decision while choosing the best solution for their colleges and get rid of the inaccurate attendance system.

Biometrics is the future for attendance system in the educational sector. From manual attendance sheets to automated solutions, there has been a great transformation in the field. It’s time we make use of this innovation and to make a better move towards a digital educational system.



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