Chatbots: The Modern Age Educational Assistants

From playing your favorite music to flooding you with information, today Alexa & Siri are not just seen as virtual assistants. By helping us with our day to day activities, they are becoming our best friends.

This revolutionary invention wave has reached the education space in no time.  Chatbots are securing their footholds in this industry due to their ability to engage & respond to the surroundings without any human involvement.

Let us have a quick look at how these chatbots are creating a revolutionary change in the education industry.

Reliable teachers Assistant  

We survived the conventional education system with one classroom teacher to help the entire class with their academics. From teaching to attendance to micromanaging individual performances, our dear teachers had so much to do all by themselves.

Fast forward to present, the teaching system is undergoing transformation for better. Today teachers are backed by technology to make their lives better & smarter. With help of technologies like student management systems, digital teaching etc. some of their activities can be carried out automatically with no or minimal participation.  One such promising technology is chatbots. In other words we can call them the teacher’s assistant.

For example, teachers can efficiently  manage their daily activities like scheduling lectures , communicating with the students , monitoring student performances by analyzing data etc. using specialized chatbots . Chatbots are powerful communicator tool for teachers to interact with the entire class & have a strong hold over large number of students at a time. These virtual assistants provide teachers with the ability to acquire any required information & perform actions.

Student friendly tutors

At some point in life we all must have agreed to a fact that a student’s life is not all easy. From attending long classes every day, completing & submitting assignments for several subjects in given time to preparing for examinations etc. their lives are stressful.

But the good thing is technology has heard their troubles. Now students have virtual tutors along with their classroom teachers to develop their skills & improve academic progress. Their knowledge is no longer limited to their curriculum. They can develop practical approach & acquire immense knowledge from real life examples using digital tutors. With specialized learning apps & bots they can do their studies at their own pace & convenience. These chatbots also provide students with other benefits such as organizing their daily schedules, submitting online assignments, practicing lessons, learning specially designed lectures etc.  These virtual tutors act like personal tutors to children.

Going further, students will be able to control their entire student life more efficiently on chatbots making them smarter, quicker & well organized.

Parents Guide

 Chatbots act like a guide to parents in educational institutes. They are used to help parents understand all the happenings at their child’s institution. These chatbots can also keep them updated about their child’s timely performance which is very important in today’s times where both the parents are working. Parents do not have to wait for parent teachers meet to know about the academic growth of their children. These chatbots can provide them with all the required information about their child whenever they ask for.

Chatbots have a very long way to go in the education space. From teachers to students, they are here to make the educational industry faster & wiser. It’s definitely that promising area of technology we can rely on for a brighter future.

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