What are the challenges institutes face while implementing the online fee management system?

Fee management system is a solution to make tedious fee collection & management process easy and secure.  Though they are user friendly to use, they can sometimes be challenging to implement as per the client’s requirement. Customization at individual institutional level could be the reason for the difficulties faced while operating the system. Some fee management systems are unable to inculcate features that a client demands for its functioning. Other logistic reasons like poor internet connectivity can also be one of the reasons.

Let’s understand a few challenges institutes face while implementing an online fee management system:


  • Affordability: It is very essential to consider the budget of the institutes while deciding on the installation & implementation of the system because of their budget constraints. Some institutions might find it difficult to bear the expenditure of these systems. But they need to look at the benefits and sustainability the fee management system has to offer.Nowadays fee management systems are available at low costs. Some do not even charge for the software. Institutes have to pay a small or absolutely no amount for software installation & implementation.


  • User Requirement: Every institute is unique & the requirements it has based on the functioning are also unique. They can find the fee management systems unsuitable for them which is why they might be skeptical about having a fee management system.They need to look for a system that can provide them with customized fee collection & management modules. Fee management systems now are well developed to make any advancements demanded by the schools & colleges. They can effortlessly modify the basic fee management model suitable for the institute’s requirements.


  • Data Migration: Student database and reports are a very crucial & confidential aspect of any institute. To migrate the data that the administrative staff has acquired & maintained in the huge piles of files over years can be a tedious task. The data need to be analyzed & sorted in the new software efficiently. Every fee management system might not be capable enough to transfer the data effortlessly & error-free.Fee management systems have features to easily migrate the database with high security & safety backups. They can easily be updated without causing any inconvenience. They eradicate the fear of the data being lost.


  • Monitoring: Most of the administrative staff in the institutions are not technology friendly. So chances might be they won’t be willing to use technology for their administrative work. They would want the vendor to take care of the software maintenance & provide them with all the assistance required at any point of functioning.Successful fee management systems take responsibility of any problems faced by the institutions & assures a smooth functioning.  They provide committed service with facilities like customer support to ensure client satisfaction & ongoing relationship.


  • Unfriendly Training: The administrative staff can have a tough time handling the software if they are not totally aware about the features. They might find the system unfriendly to use if they do not receive a detailed.They need a demo & detailed training from the vendor along with a documented guidance.Institutes need to select a fee management system which gives them thorough knowledge on the software and make it comfortable to use. There are vendors which provide a dedicated support to the team & students.


  • Logistic Constraints: Such systems might need facilities like high internet speed which might not be available at certain institutes. Poor internet connectivity can affect the productivity of the administration as the software would need internet to function. Some systems might demand a dedicated computer. As a result this can involve a lot of investment which would add up to the total cost of the system.Advanced fee management systems are feasible to work efficiently & smoothly with average internet speed limit. They work smoothly irrespective of the machine used. Hence the institutes do not have to invest into any extra logistics.

Though fee management systems are user friendly they face difficulties at different levels during installation & implementation which can put the institutions into a dilemma. They might not be fully convinced with the idea to make the process simpler by adapting to the new technology. But choosing an efficient & suitable system can help the institutions overcome difficulties than can arise during the implementation time. This can help them ensure a smooth functioning of their fee collection & management.


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