Benefits of ERP in Education System

Due to the rapidly growing technology, the world around is constantly evolving & so is the way we function in different industries. Technology is contributing to various sectors at different levels to perform better than yesterday.  Educational sector is one such segment where it has become very indispensable to have assistance since it has a very unstable nature of functioning.

This dynamic ecosystem has different stake holders like college administration, management, students & parents; who have unique requirements. To streamline this complex phenomena, it is essential to have a solution with extra ordinary managerial skills. As human operation can have its own limitations, automated solutions are replacing the conventional methods.

Enterprise Resource planning(ERP), an integrated management software allows educational institutes to have a system of consolidated applications to manage & automate numerous processes for efficient operations. ERP systems are comprehensive, designed and developed understanding the entire life cycle of a college & school. Hence they focus on all the aspects related to institute management, administration, students & parents.


Let us have a look at some of the benefits of ERP:


For Management:

  • Complete automation of processes: Management can sometimes find it difficult to supervise all the processes as a single point .Automation of all the processes allows the management to monitor the institute for macro management.


  • Centralized control over multiple institutes: A management can have multiple institutes to control which can be unmanageable for them. Institute management software provides them the ability to have a centralized control over multiple institutes on a single screen.


  • Data driven updates on a single click: Management needn’t wait for the administration to provide the necessary data. They can themselves get it on a single click & keep themselves updated about the institute’s day to day activities.


  • Automated & instant reports: They can generate instant reports for any institute at any time. This makes the managerial functioning efficient & effective.


  • Data Security: Managing & securing data can be a concern for any management. ERP systems use high technology security to make sure that the data is well secured & managed.

For administration & teachers:

  • Easy tracking of student’s admission: Applications & admissions can be a tiresome job for the administration. ERP makes the complete process online which makes their lives easier.


  • Easy fee collection & revenue management: Revenue management systems allows fee collection & management online. This reduces the computation errors & cash flow.


  • Real time receipt & report generation: Maintaining heaps of files for records is messy & time consuming. Institute management software lets the staff get any kinds of reports & receipts easily at a single click.


  • Quick reconciliation: The tally compatibility software provides features that are tally compatible.


  • Employee record like attendance, salary management: Human resource can easily maintain the employee attendance record, manage leaves & salary using the software.


  • Teachers can take attendance, track lectures, students’ performance etc : Teachers can take digital attendance of students , track daily attendance & lectures . Students performance can also be monitored using the software.


  • Manage class information & analytics: Teachers can view their class records & see all the related information.


  • Easy communication with students & parents: The software also provides a module where teachers can interact with the students & parents easily.


  • Data Security: Maintaining data can be a concern for the administration. Data is highly secured by the erps.


For Students:

  • View attendance, lecture & exam timetables: Students can be updated about their attendance & lectures.


  • Prior information about events: They can also be informed of any occasional lectures or events.
  • Connectivity with teachers: The students can connect to the teachers using the communication modules in the ERPs.


  • Easy fee payments & applications from anywhere anytime: They can pay their fees online, make applications to multiple colleges from anywhere anytime without having to visit the colleges.


For Parents:

  • Updates about child’s attendance, performance etc: The parents can be notified about their child’s attendance & performance. This helps them keep updated about their child’s academic status.


  • Platform for easy interaction with teachers: They can also communicate with the teachers to enquire about their child’s academics.


  • Easy fee payments & applications from anywhere anytime: They can make pay fee payments for their children online using various digital payment modes.


Due to its unique requirements by every stakeholder, running of a college / school at different levels can make it inefficient & difficult. Institute management softwares are developed considering the unsteady ecosystem & hence are a helping hand to all the administrative needs of schools & colleges.



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