8 Ultimate ways how ERP can bridge gap between parents & teachers.

Today, we see technology replacing a lot of manual operations in various sectors especially in the educational system. A lot has been improved at the administrative & management level in most of the institutes across the country. But this wasn’t the case until a few years ago.

Back in the day, each & every process in any educational institute was done by workforce. Right from distributing admission forms, collecting fees to teaching students. Teachers & administration were always buried into piles of files. Due to other miscellaneous activities, teachers could not monitor every student’s performance with high order of efficiency.

In the present times, parents lack engagement with their children due to their busy schedules .They struggle to micro manage academic performance for their child. With so many advancements in technology for the educational space, this situation too can be changed. EdTechs have developed communication portals & app for the teachers, students & parents that are evolving considerably.  Such apps & parent portals are manifesting into a blessing for the parents as they are able to track their child’s academic progress.

In this blog, we present to you the top 8 ways how ERP’s can reduce this communication gap between the parents & teachers.

  • Attendance: For any working parent, it can be challenging to keep a track their child’s attendance record. With a parent app or portal, they can easily track their daily & monthly attendance. They get to check attendance for any particular day, from anywhere & anytime. All they have to do is, just login into their account & search for the particular date. This helps them have a control over their child’s attendance.

They can also manage their child’s leave through the portal. They can apply for leave directly through it & the teachers too can approve it. This makes the leave application process easy & quick for both. It also provides analysis for the leave record.

  • Timetable: Students in the lower grades, can sometimes go wrong with timetables. They can miss or interchange a lecture while noting it down. In this case, parents do not have to worry about contacting other parents or teachers for the same. They can verify the daily & monthly timetable by themselves without any chance for doubt. 
  • Homework: Parents do not have to worry about their child’s homework status. They can check their daily homework for every class & also track the status. This keeps the parents notified about their child’s daily homework.
  • Examination:  Parents can view exam timetables & get timely updates. Teachers can directly upload the examination timetables on the portal. Parents can download it from there. This eliminates the risk of losing the paper record & any writing error.  Timely updates related to examination will keep the parents aware about each & every exam that’s nearing.
  • Progress Card: This is an important aspect of any student’s academic life for the parents. It is crucial for them to be timely updated about their child’s academic performance. With this feature, parents can analyze the performance graph of their child considering the score in each examination conducted. Through the analysis, they can make a detailed comparison of their child’s academic growth.
  • Fees: Parents can pay their child’s fees online using the app. They can get all the updates related to fee payments & deadlines when they login into their account. They can download their fee receipts in real time. This saves their time & efforts to go to banks for DD’s, institutes & stand in long queues for fee payments.
  • Transport: Nowadays every school has transport facility available for students & many parents opt for the available service. These parents can view the driver’s details, van number, timings, transport fees etc. through the portal. They can be notified about van status or any last minute changes. This becomes useful for working parents to track the transport of their children.
  • Communication: Any notifications related to Holidays, events or any special notices can be sent to the parents on their registered mobile numbers using the portal through SMS alerts or emails. This helps the parents to be updated about all the happenings at their child’s institutes. They can easily make communication with the teachers about their child’s performance even without visiting them personally. This is beneficial for parents who have a very busy schedule.

Considering all the above reasons, having an ERP with parent’s portal can bridge the gap between the teachers & parents effectively. This can also help parents monitor their child’s performance which will reduce their anxiety of being inefficient in micro managing their child’s academic growth.

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