7 top reasons why you need a library management system.

In the digital world where education sector is working towards making its space automated, why should libraries still operate the old school way? Managing hundreds of books daily & keeping their track record is not an easy task. Library Management System can transform the manually operating libraries into automated ones seamlessly making it efficient & effective at the same time.

With a Library Management System, librarians can issue books promptly, maintain track record of all the books etc. In today’s blog we help you understand the 7 top reasons why you need a library management system for your institute.

  • Increase efficiency – Maintaining daily reports of the total books issued, reissued, unreturned & available manually can be a tiresome process for a librarian. Library management systems enhance the efficiency of the overall life cycle of a library as all the activities can be done through a single click making the job of a librarian easy.

Students too can view the catalog, their book status etc. just by logging into their account. No just that, they can be timely notified about due dates to return books, alerts to pay late fees etc. through SMS.

  • Maintain data – Data is a very crucial part for any educational institute and library books are an important asset. Managing the data manually involves risks like data being misplaced, data entry error etc. It is necessary to have a proper documentation of all the library data for an easy access. By using a library management system, they can maintain the entire catalog, details of books issued, reissued, unreturned & available in a single system & fetch it whenever required in few easy clicks. They reduce the risk of data loss & also assure security.
  • Increase productivity– Having such management systems in libraries can streamline the entire operations in a very effective manner. With book records on click, dashboard to make real time analysis & direct communication with the students; most of the activities can be done through the system which saves a lot of time for the team. Hence they can use their time productively in other priority work.
  • Time saving– Conventional way of managing library activities can be time consuming. During exam period, number of students accessing library books increase which may make students wait to issue a book even longer than usual. Using a library management system can really benefit during this time. Library team can quickly issue books to students & at the same time use the track record to distribute the books effectively. Students too can check the catalog to see if the book they need is currently available or not. All this can save a lot of time of both students & the institute library team.
  • Cost effective– Educational institutes have a fixed budget for technology investments. So some institutes may think such systems to be a lot of money investment. But practically it is a very cost effective option. Managing a library effectively calls for workforce & still cannot assure a smooth functioning whereas these systems are a onetime investment. They eliminate the cost of workforce, their maintenance cost is minimal & also are more efficient & effective. With so many options available in the market, they can choose the most suitable option for them.
  • Resource management– Sometimes it can be challenging for the librarians to effectively manage the demand & supply of books. With the help of a library management system, they can check the records, view history & accordingly issue the books within no time. This makes the book resource management very effective.

With option of SMS alerts & notifications, they can make the cycle of book issue & return quick & smart which could otherwise be handicapped.  

  • Effective late fee collection– It becomes difficult for the librarian to collect late fees from students who happen to forget about the due dates to return books. Through this library management system, automated SMS alerts & notifications can be sent to the students about books issued, delayed library fees, due dates etc. Hence next time a student comes to pay fees, librarian can check their book record & issue the fees. Also students can themselves check their book status, catalog by logging into their account.

Many institutes think they do not require a Library Management System to manage their library until they know the benefits of having it. As the educational space is changing day by day, having a library Management System can definitely enhance the library space.

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