6 Tips to make your Institute Smart

In India, education industry is developing at a very rapid pace with constant efforts being made to improve the quality of education at various levels. But altering the whole ecosystem is still a struggle faced by many institutions in this industry. The main reason being its unstable nature.

Gone are the days when technology was seen just as a helping hand. In future, it will be the backbone in transforming the nation’s education system. Technology is already playing a major role by providing solutions to the complex operations that benefit institute managements, staff & students. One such advancement is automation that increases an institute’s effectiveness. Solutions like institute management system can help streamline the entire institutional process.

It’s important for the institutes to adapt themselves to these technical advancements as early as possible otherwise they can fail to match the rising standards of education. Only institutes that adapt to this evolving environment, can grow exponentially.

Today we share with you 6 easy tips that can make your institute smarter than the rest & help stay ahead in the race of online reputation.

  1. Use a revenue management system to increase transparency – With Online payments & digital transactions, other industries are already aligning their ecosystems with the vision of Digital India. It’s very important for the education industry to digitize their fee collection process. Though a few institutes are already implementing revenue management systems, a majority is still far from the idea of going online with online fee collection.

Such systems are a necessity particularly for the educational industry because it bring transparency in the ecosystem. Heavy fees collection happen all year round, that are mostly collected in either Cash of DD. It creates a lot of inconvenience for the staff & students as well. These systems allow students to pay their fees online through various digital modes & administrative staff can keep a track of all the transactions without any drop in the efficiency.

2. Automate the entire administrative life cycle – Most of the institutional activities are done by the administration department. Right from fee collection, admission, accounting, managing student & staff record to managing employee payrolls; even today, most of these activities are done by the administrative staff only. To take care of so many responsibilities for the entire institute by a small staff can be very hectic which can affect the efficiency.

By automating all these processes, for example by implementing a fee management system; most of the administrative activities like fee collection, admissions , accounting ,computation , receipts & report generation etc. can be done by a single software . This can reduce manual operations, administrative work quick & ensure smooth operation. The staff can utilize this time in streamlining other essential activities. This ensures resource optimization. 

3. Centralize all your institutional operations – In addition to the above tip, can we make a quick  mental math of how much efficiency can automation of an entire institute cause? Definitely to a great extent, right?

Institute management systems can streamline the entire institutional operations. Automating all the processes help the administrative staff, teaching staff and students as well. Most importantly, the management can have a centralized control over the entire institute which can be difficult otherwise. This can be effective when a management has many institutes to manage.  Though such systems have been in the market for a while now, very few institutes are implementing them. But things have changed significantly for these institutes. With their move to centralize the institute, they are definitely functioning smarter, smoother & running ahead of the race.

4. Bridge gap between teachers, students & parents– With the curriculum getting complex & increasing number of students, it will become difficult day by day for the teachers to micro manage academic growth of students .

For any institute, maintaining a good reputation is most crucial than any other thing. It is what can make or break an institute’s image. Technology can help the institute maintain their online reputation by narrowing the communication gap between the three stakeholders i.e. teachers, parents & students. Having communication modules can help the parents keep a track of their child’s academic performance with daily updates. For parents having busy schedules, such modules can be very effective to get in touch with the teachers easily for daily attendance, homework, timetables, examinations, results, daily reviews etc. Teachers can share important notices, study material, updates with students as well as their parents. Students in higher class can keep a track of their daily attendance.

5. Use cloud technology for highest data security– For any institute its data is supremely important. Maintaining & managing data for schools & colleges efficiently is challenging because it keeps changing every time. New students add, some leave, some demote or promote; data keeps changing constantly.

 Today information technology is working a lot in the field of data management & data security. As new advancements like cloud computing are happening continuously in these fields, management can make use of them to ensure high level of security. Institute management systems nowadays, come with good data security so institutes can seamlessly integrate, customize, consolidate the data & be assured of its security at the same time.

6. Educate your staff about technology – It’s rightly said ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.

Instead of teaching the staff to use a module , its way more essential for the management to educate its staff about the importance & benefits of technology. It’s necessary to make them aware of the need for technology & how it can help in managing their responsibilities efficiently. It is observed that, the biggest challenge has been to sow the seed of faith in technology for most of the institutes. They carry with them a lot of myths about technology & are adamant to make any changes in the existing process model.  Once an institute is ready to include technology to its system, more than half of the battle is won!

Technology is to find solutions, not to create problems. Institutes that inculcate this idea & reap its benefits, can become much smarter & progress faster than most of the institutes. Such institutes will be looked up to in the field of education.

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