5 Key factors to consider while choosing an ERP for education

With ceaselessly changing dynamics of education sector, it is becoming essential for schools & colleges to have ERP softwares to manage the hardships caused in administrative works. Need for Institute Management System is growing as institutes are inclining towards these softwares to fulfill the requirements of every stakeholder. Many ERP softwares are available in the market currently to make institutes automated. With so many solutions, it is very crucial for institutes to find the best fit for their ecosystem as needs of every institute are unique that can require a customized solution.

There a few factors every school & college needs to consider while choosing the best ERP software. Let’s have a look at few of the important factors:

  1. Multiple Features: The educational system is highly unstable with varied shapes & sizes operating differently. Hence it is very important for schools & colleges to adopt a software that fits the requirement at every level.  A software with multiple features reduces the manual processes to a great extent thus making it automated & efficient.


  1. Customized solution: Institute Management System these days provide array of features that can be useful for institutes. But not all features can satisfy the needs of institutes. Hence institutes should understand if these softwares can cater to their needs. Otherwise even a software with multiple features cannot be beneficial to some of them.


  1. Flexibility: Institutes should review if the software will be able to merge new features in future if need arises. As mentioned earlier, due to its unstable dynamics, there can be a need to add/ delete few modules as per the requirement. If the software is flexible to accept any changes, the institute doesn’t have to worry about adopting a new system all together that will only add to the costing, efforts & time.



  1. User friendly interface: Institute Management systems can be complex depending upon the life cycle of the administration. A smart system will always have an easy to use interface for the stakeholders even if it is complicated at the backend. Institutes should look for a system that gives a smooth operating experience for their staff, students & parents.


  1. Cost effective: Cost factor is very important to consider for institutes as they have limited funds for technology. Due to the growing demand in market, some softwares can burn a hole in pockets. Institute should do a detailed analysis of efficiency, satisfactory solution & service plus the cost. After a thorough research on these elements they should make a consideration.


  1. Training & guidance: A responsible vendor will always provide a practical training to all the staff members, students & parents to make them familiar with the software. Such hands-on training is very important to educate the stakeholders about the features available to ensure a smooth application.


  1. Dedicated Support: This should probably be the most important factor institutes should take into consideration while making the decision about ERP because many vendors can provide great features & flexibility. Ownership of problems is what makes a software stand out. Problems can arise right from the point of implementation to years after consistent functioning. What matters is how the vendor takes charge of all the problems during the time they are associated with the institutes.


ERP solutions are proving to be a necessity for complicated operations in schools & colleges. Rise in ERP softwares is becoming challenging for the management to make the right choice for their institutes which can satisfy the requirements of every stakeholder. Hence institutes should consider some of these factors before they invest enormous money, time & efforts in choosing a suitable institute management system.


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