#5 Key factors to consider before you choose an online fee payment platform for your Institute

Today, technology is leaving no stone unturned to digitize the entire world. Having said that, digital advancements need to happen rapidly in the educational sector as well to have the required impact in building an effective digital ecosystem. While a few educational institutes are taking steps to move forward towards digitization , rest are still stuck with the traditional methods .The Indian Education system unlike before, is blooming with new technologies & innovations thus getting closer to the dream of a ‘Digital India’. With initiatives like Digital India, Make In India & demonetization, new startups are taking birth with new solutions & improvements in the field of education.

Although educational institutes are exposed to new solutions for online fee payments also, it has become very challenging for the managements to select the one that suits the current and future needs of the institutes. It’s very crucial for implemented solution to have the flexibility to incorporate ever changing processes and demands of the admin/accounting and other regulatory bodies & provide customized solution

So how should they actually make the decision out of so many available options? What necessary features should they look in a platform when making the right decision? And which is the best fee payment platform in India?

Let us understand all the key factors that educational institutes need to consider while choosing the best fee payment platform for their institute:

  1. Seamless, secure & efficient – For any fee payment platform to be competent & acceptable in the market, these three elements form the basic foundation. Colleges need to primarily look for these main aspects while considering a fee payment platform as no student would like to make their fee payments on a platform which is troublesome, time – consuming & insecure. Students & parents will always prefer a smooth & easy fee payment experience.
  2. Hi- Tech solution with easy to use interface – A good fee management system should be technology sound, providing all the useful features like consolidated & customized reports, robust backend MIS, generation of fee payment receipts on real time basis etc. but at the same time it should have a simple interface for the institute administration, students & parents.
  3. Management & administrative control – The institute management & administration should have all the access to the backend of the software for generating reports & receipts, allotting relevant fee structures etc.
  4. Cost effective – A good fee management system should not only have required features and services but it should be cost effective at the same time. It should provide a solution considering the efficiency as well as the financial capabilities of an institute & enhance performance despite the expenditure boundaries.
  5. Dedicated support for the clients – A best fee management system will provide all the necessary support to the client in a long run too. Tech partner should be like an expert or a consultant to the institute and help the team and management in not only understanding and providing the required features in the software but also necessary training and support for seamless operation of the solution.


Educational institutes need to consider all the above features before they choose a fee management system for their institute to ensure that the system is reliable & personalized to cater to their needs & demands.





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