3 ways to enhance your Employee Record

We all know that the educational system operates at multiple levels with constantly changing dynamics. Due to its instability, maintaining the environment can be challenging.  Since students are the primary focus for most of the institutes, maintaining employee record might come secondary. Most of the institutes have a dedicated human resource, in some cases even an entire team. Now, for institutes running on a small scale it won’t be budget friendly. Another thing about having the process run manually is that it can leave room for human errors like computation. But when the system is automated, it doesn’t require a dedicated resource & even if there is one, they can do all the activities seamlessly & get the required details at a click.  Having dedicated HR modules can prove beneficial for the institute staff & management. HR modules can be more effective for institutes having multiple branches operating under the same management.

Do you think having such a system can help your institute function efficiently? If yes, then stay tuned with us because in this blog, we will take you through a few efficient ways how you can enhance the record maintenance of your employees.

While human experts can have no replacement, having ERP for employee management can be really help them lessen their burden. The resource team can make use of the automated softwares specially designed keeping in mind their process life cycle. This makes their work easy & effective with little or no human error.



  • Employee record: Maintaining employee record is just as important as the student database. And managing this record in piles of file can be a tedious task. Also there are chances of misplacing some of the record which definitely no institute may want to risk. Softwares specially designed for the HR modules help us to get details of any employee from any system having the software installed in it & within a few seconds just by entering their unique employee ids assigned to them which otherwise would take a longer time & efforts. Details can be easily entered for any new employee that joins the company. These records can be custom managed as per the requirement for e.g. as per institute, job role, payroll etc. Management too can know details about every employee in no time.


  • Track daily & monthly attendance: Many of the times, it so happens that the management is unaware of the day to day functioning of its institute employees. They might not have quick access to the required reports of its employees whenever needed. These softwares are integrated with RFID/Biometric attendance devices to maintain the attendance record on real time basis with simple interface. Using the employee portal to track daily attendance can help the management in analyzing the employee performance.


  • Monthly Salary: Preparing accurate salary sheets is one of the very important task of the HR team. Verifying attendance record & then creating salary sheets can consume a lot of their time. And if there are multiple institutes running under the same management, they surely might need a team dedicated for this particular job. It adds to the cost, time & resource. They do not have to manually calculate the monthly salary details of the institutes. The portal automatically derives the attendance record from the system & calculates the salaries for every employee accurately in no time. Hence authorized people can easily get the salary reports & generate receipts based on an individual’s monthly attendance using the portal. This not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of errors in calculus. Now even the management can be timely updated about the salary details for multiple institutes on a single click.


These were a few ways how employee portals can efficiently help you enhance your employee record. These portals are anytime flexible to have more plug in modules if required. So now when such systems can help ease the usual work activities for the human resource team, they can make productive use of their time in other activities to improve the regulatory functions for the institute’s betterment.

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