12 most useful reports to keep your institute organized

Managing complete operations of any school or college is a very challenging task due to its invariably changing ecosystem. Maintaining records for every organizational activity in stack of files is even more difficult. With advancements in technology, this burden can be strikingly reduced.

With institute management system, educational institutes can control every single operation effortlessly on their fingertips & instantly download all kinds of reports that are required by the management & administration. Huge piles of files can be seamlessly replaced by a few report sheets. Variety of reports can be downloaded on a few clicks whenever required. All the administration & managerial processes can be streamlined through these systems making them effective & smooth in functioning.

In this blog, we take you through a list of few important reports that are significant for any institute & how you can get them in just few simple clicks.

  • Fee collection report – Collection of fees is a very important part of any institute and managing this job effectively can be hectic for the administration. Fee collection report gives you complete details about the daily fees collected. This helps institutes keep a track of the entire fee collection process.
  • Fees breakup report – Sometimes, an administrative staff may require details for a particular course only. In that case, going through every file can be a tedious task for them .With fees breakup report, institute can get the fee details segregated as per their requirement. For e.g.  fee breakup report as per the course, year, class etc. They just have to select the fields & the report can be downloaded in seconds.
  • Fees overdue report – Most of the times, administration might find it difficult to communicate with each & every student about their overdue fees. This report of fees overdue comes handy to them because they get a list of the total students whose fees are overdue with their complete details & amount. With this report, the staff can easily communicate with the students through SMS alerts & email. This action can make them collect the overdue fees efficiently without wasting any time.
  • Admission report – Admission report gives complete details of the total admissions done daily. This report gives information about a student’s academic & personal details. This record is automatically saved in the database. Hence the administrative staff do not have to maintain files for the same. They can download it whenever needed.
  • Daily attendance report for students & employees – With biometric hardware machine integrated with the software, attendance reports can be quickly generated through the system. Attendance process becomes simple with no manual attendance & reports like student attendance, employee attendance can be downloaded whenever needed. This report gives complete record of students & employees present or absent.
  • Employee leave application report – This report gives information about all the leave applications made by the employees. Using this report, the HR department can manage the leaves efficiently for every employee without any need of manual calculation.
  • Employee salary report – Salary calculation is a monthly activity for the HR team. Doing manual calculation for every employee can consume a lot of time. Hence this report generated through an institute management system, can be beneficial for the team as it gives a complete analysis with detailed breakdown for every employee without any calculus error.
  • MIS statistical report– Management Institute System report gives a detailed analysis of students. It gives information about the student gender type, community, place of living, parents income details etc. This report is one of the most useful report for the management to understand the demographics.
  • Employee details report – Details about both the teaching & non-teaching staff can be fetched from this report. This helps maintain the basic personal & professional details about all the employees working in the institute.
  • Exam application, attendance & result reports – Various reports related to examination can be generated through an institute management system. Reports like exam application can be useful to get list for students that are appearing for the examination. Other reports like attendance help institutes get information about the total number of student attended the examination as per course, class, subject etc. Exam reports don’t just give the number of total students passed or failed, but also detailed information for each student about all the subjects.
  • Library report – Library report is useful to keep a track about the students accessing books from the library. With this report, library team can get details about total books issued along with student details. They can use this report to inform students about the due dates to return the books & also to collect the overdue fees.
  • Student section report– Student section gives information about the student intake for the current academic year & every course along with the student details like strength, gender etc.

All these reports if available at a few clicks can make the institute well organized & progress remarkably.

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