Top 7 reasons why ERP implementation fails in Schools & Colleges

Acceptance to technology in educational schools & colleges is always indecisive. ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems are a great solution to all the administrative needs of educational institutes. But it is observed that they happen to fail over time. Let us understand 7 common reasons why ERP implementation can fail in educational institutes in spite

6 Tips to make your Institute Smart

In India, education industry is developing at a very rapid pace with constant efforts being made to improve the quality of education at various levels. But altering the whole ecosystem is still a struggle faced by many institutions in this industry. The main reason being its unstable nature. Gone are the days when technology was

12 most useful reports to keep your institute organized

Managing complete operations of any school or college is a very challenging task due to its invariably changing ecosystem. Maintaining records for every organizational activity in stack of files is even more difficult. With advancements in technology, this burden can be strikingly reduced. With institute management system, educational institutes can control every single operation effortlessly

7 top reasons why you need a library management system.

In the digital world where education sector is working towards making its space automated, why should libraries still operate the old school way? Managing hundreds of books daily & keeping their track record is not an easy task. Library Management System can transform the manually operating libraries into automated ones seamlessly making it efficient &

3 ways to enhance your Employee Record

We all know that the educational system operates at multiple levels with constantly changing dynamics. Due to its instability, maintaining the environment can be challenging.  Since students are the primary focus for most of the institutes, maintaining employee record might come secondary. Most of the institutes have a dedicated human resource, in some cases even

5 Key factors to consider while choosing an ERP for education

With ceaselessly changing dynamics of education sector, it is becoming essential for schools & colleges to have ERP softwares to manage the hardships caused in administrative works. Need for Institute Management System is growing as institutes are inclining towards these softwares to fulfill the requirements of every stakeholder. Many ERP softwares are available in the

Benefits of ERP in Education System

Due to the rapidly growing technology, the world around is constantly evolving & so is the way we function in different industries. Technology is contributing to various sectors at different levels to perform better than yesterday.  Educational sector is one such segment where it has become very indispensable to have assistance since it has a