We support Digital India! #Studentsforchoice

When OnFees team visited educational institutes and met various students of these schools & colleges, none could they find who would not want the convenience and other benefits that digitization is offering. However, one concern that even these students have is security. Cashless education is a brilliant initiative towards corruption free education also because when

School Principal: We got what we needed

OnFees’ advertising team has talked to principals of various educational institutes over Digitalization in our country. Some of the interviews are being discussed below. School principals have shared their views on Digital India campaign launched by our honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi Ji. They have also appreciated the task of online fee

From coins to cashless- it’s a 27 century long journey

India is in a middle of revolution don’t you think so? The country is witnessing a powerful change among the society and generations going cashless and adapting digital platforms. The country evolving on digitalizing has certain challenges and thus is working upon them. Government of India has taken different measures to go cashless and have

Payment Trends in India

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing. Douglas Engelbart The trending digital platform is a revolution in itself. Getting more and more digital platforms not only saves time but also helps us to meet the new technology and new era where having everything is just next

5 Best cashless payment options in India

“Status now is not whether you are awake or asleep, it is whether you are online or offline” The importance of digitalization is well evident from the statement from honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi in his speech while addressing at Silicon Valley, San Jose. Payments are the part of exchange system which

All About Digital Payments In India

Living in 21st century being digital is a compulsion and need. Learning is a process and it should continue to attain certain knowledge. In today’s era being digital is just not a smart choice but a powerful weapon to learn. In India steps have been taken for getting the technology to the most remote areas


In todays time digital world is something that exist in every field and is shaping many lives by having effective approaches. Digital payments are something which is very common these days and thus making easy for people to understand and adapt the 21st century culture but there are certain challenges it does face. Digital market

Digitization in India- Today & Tomorrow

We are living in 21st century and the era define us as speed, technology, and development. Talking about the computer literacy in India it lacks behind by 6.15% and thus is a very big obstacle in getting India fully digital. Online payment options are the fastest modes to make payments in todays era and thus have

Govt. Moves for Digital India

“In this digital age we have an opportunity to transform lives of people in ways that was hard to imagine a couple of decades ago.” Narendra Modi We are living in 21st century and todays India do match with some technological ways it should meet. Our honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi came up with

Should learning be restricted by any means?

In the present era of technology, learning should not be restricted by any means as we have the easiest and best solution for all the problems which occur in the field of learning. Some of the problems in this sector are communication, connectivity etc. But the technology is solving all such problems very easily and