Chatbots: The Modern Age Educational Assistants

From playing your favorite music to flooding you with information, today Alexa & Siri are not just seen as virtual assistants. By helping us with our day to day activities, they are becoming our best friends. This revolutionary invention wave has reached the education space in no time.  Chatbots are securing their footholds in this

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence has created a significant influence in our lives. We have already discussed about that in our last blog. Considering the fast progress it has made so far, its application will no longer be limited only to virtual bots & facilitators.  Having said that, we are going to witness its imprint over large demographics

Top ERP Trends in Education to look for in 2019

All bets are off whether technology will survive in the illiberal education industry. Just to know, technology had made a debut in this space a very long ago but is started to be embraced by the industry only until a few years back. As predicted, automation is the future for most of the industrial sectors.

Top 7 reasons why ERP implementation fails in Schools & Colleges

Acceptance to technology in educational schools & colleges is always indecisive. ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems are a great solution to all the administrative needs of educational institutes. But it is observed that they happen to fail over time. Let us understand 7 common reasons why ERP implementation can fail in educational institutes in spite

6 Tips to make your Institute Smart

In India, education industry is developing at a very rapid pace with constant efforts being made to improve the quality of education at various levels. But altering the whole ecosystem is still a struggle faced by many institutions in this industry. The main reason being its unstable nature. Gone are the days when technology was

12 most useful reports to keep your institute organized

Managing complete operations of any school or college is a very challenging task due to its invariably changing ecosystem. Maintaining records for every organizational activity in stack of files is even more difficult. With advancements in technology, this burden can be strikingly reduced. With institute management system, educational institutes can control every single operation effortlessly